Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful Gal:

After the Rain -

Not so Purty...

Hey, it wasn't me!

Sniffs, Licks, and Barks
Auggie, Riley and Fluffy
BooDee BooDah Tribe

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hi Everybody! Meet the newest member of the Tribe!

Hello All!

AUGGIE: We must say, we are very disappointed with Mommy - she hasn't let us on the computer to write about our adventures. She keeps saying stuff like 'I'm busy', or 'I'm tired'. She has been keeping furry busy this summer, what with all her hobbies of dressing up in big hoop skirts and corsets. She calls it Renny-sance wear. All we know is that Riley likes to chew on the tough parts of the corset and I like to play peek a boo under her hoops. Yes, there are times that I join in the frivolity, as it give me even more good looking points in my all over handsomeness package. But we have some news for you!

RILEY: Yay! We do!

AUGGIE: Excuse me...I was talking...

RILEY: You were talking about YOU! We gotta let everybody know about our surprise! We got....


Yay! Her name is Lady Fluffy Butt von Fuzzy Nose. And she is a mix of...uh, Mommy, can you help with those names I can't pronounce?

MOMMY: Fluffy is half Anatolian Shepherd and half Sarplaninac , and she's 100% purty, and fluffy, and fun!

Here she is:

RILEY: And she LOVE TO PLAY! Check these action shots out!

And, true to her breed, she is an excellent guard dog:

AUGGIE: Well, so am I! As you can see, I'm on duty also.

And now, a few words from the Fluffster herself:

Greetings, Efurrbuddy! I am the Lady of the House here (along with Momma), and I am most happy to come here to live! My first Mommy raised me from when I was a little baby girl, taught me good manners, and gave me lots of love. But Mommy #1 travels bunches, it was very hard on me to not be able to spend time with her. I miss her so much (sniff). So now I live with these ca-razy guys, and a new loving Mommy who gives me LOTS of hugs. Me and the guys love to wrassle, and it usually takes BOTH of them to bring this chica down. I am a bit bigger than they are (OK, lots, but I don't want to point out my size...) Well, I'm off to go roll around in the newly rained on hole I've dug in the yard. Just one of the many holes I've dug, by the way. I'm something of an expert in hole digging, among my other talents...

RILEY: What? MUD? Wheeeeeeee! Let's go! Come on, ya grumpy old man!

AUGGIE: All right, I'm coming. But I am NOT getting muddy. I just had a bath this week, and I will NOT get my furs dirty.

Have a great holiday weekend everybuddy!