Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Global Animal Blogging Event

Greetings All:

Our new furfriend Twinkie is hosting a wonderful way to check out other animal lovers blogs. It begins tomorrow, April 1st. We are SO excited to meet new furfriends! Go to Twinkie's blog to see all the great links that are participating in GABE - The Global Animal Blogging Event.

Oh yeah, you can win a prize too! Here's what Riley wanted to give away:

Isn't it beautiful? I call it "Teethmarked with Love". But Mom said no, other houses probably have the same thing.

And here's Auggie's, which he calls "Slightly used bone":

Again, Mommy said no.**pout**

No, Mom is having a random drawing for jewelry! She's got a beautiful silver toned (cuz she's not THAT good at making jewelry yet) hematite bracelet and earring set just waiting for some lucky reader of OUR blog!

It's really not clear, but there are hematite beads inside the little spiral beads. It looks really cool!

Here's what you do:

All you gotta do is leave us a comment and a way to get a hold of you (that's kinda important, if your name is a winner in the random drawing and you want a goodie)

So, don't forget, you gotta start at Twinkie's blog beginning April 1st to find the list of animal bloggers and win some prizes!

Good luck Everyone!

Sniffs and Licks,

Auggie & Riley

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're back!

AUGGIE: Hello Everyone. It's been awhile since Mom let us use the computer. We've been busy, haven't we, Riley?

RILEY: *pant pant pant* Yup!

AUGGIE: We've been walking with Mom out in the 'hood, playing lots, and enjoying the warm sunshine out in the backyard.

RILEY: Yeah! I really like being in the backyard, lying in the sun, with my tummy on the cool mud. Ahhh!

AUGGIE: Uh huh. What you really like is when Mommy sits there and picks the dried mud off your tummy. You're such a goofball! I enjoy sunning myself, as I look a bit better with some color. A healthy glow... Oh, we did have a bit of excitement...

RILEY: What?! What?!

AUGGIE: Don't you remember? Mommy was thinking about taking in another dog, a "Puggle" named Yoda. She wasn't sure if Yoda would be too small to play with us. But then the conversation took a quick turn when someone farted.

RILEY: Yeah! It was the apples! I love apples! I love Mommy! She gives us apples to eat!

AUGGIE: You could have at least taken credit for the odiferousness produced by your body. Sheesh!

RILEY: Okay! I did it! ha ha ha! I think it's funny when we fart after eating apples, 'cuz Mommy calls us "tootie frooties" bwahahahahaha!

AUGGIE: Yeah, it is amusing. But then remember yesterday? When Mommy didn't have kind words for the 'rodent dog' that kept hugging my leg?

RILEY: I did like chasing him around, although he did get stepped on by us a few times...

AUGGIE: That's 'cuz he only came up to my knee! Our cat cousins, you know, the ones whose food you eat all the time? They are bigger than that 'rodent dog'. I did some research on the internet, and they are not, what Mommy says, really called 'rodent dogs'. They're called wire terriers.

RILEY: And that dog was a terror, wasn't he? hahaha! He kept running around, making us chase him. I got so involved that I didn't notice I wrapped my lead around someone's garden stake and sent their bird feeder flying 6 feet through the air. It made a horrible noise when it crashed to the ground. Scared my fur right off!

AUGGIE: Well at least you didn't have this dog trying to hug ya. He latched on to my back leg a few times and wouldn't let go! I thought he was trying to lift my leg up, 'cuz he kept pulling up, pulling up...

RILEY: He is ca-razy!!! Maybe we'll get to see him again today.

AUGGIE: I don't think so. Mom was pretty mad after all that.
Well, I think it's time for another nap. Mom will be home in a couple of hours, I need to be fully rested for her arrival.
RILEY: That's 'cuz you're OLD! bwahahahahaha!
AUGGIE: And you're the one in the kennel...
RILEY: You're not very nice. *pouts* I'm telling Mommy...
AUGGIE: Bye for now!
RILEY: Bye bye!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From Riley


Yesterday Mommy came home early just so I could have more time to play in the backyard! Yay! I kept trying to give her Eskimo kisses, but she wouldn't let me, saying she was sick. That's no fun! She did come out in the yard later and throw a ball around - I got to run around and have fun then!
I think Auggie was mad at Mommy - he didn't want to play with us, and he kept barking at me when I tried to get him to play. He just stood there in the patio doorway while I was all the way out in the yard, yelling at me to leave him alone. What a grump!
He didn't come to bed either when it was time for sleepie. Oh well, that's OK, 'cuz I got more room to stretch out on the bed! Hahaha!

A message from Auggie

Hi Everybody:

Well, today Mom came home from work early. She was sick. She laid on the sofa for most of the day, trying to sleep, but that Riley character kept pushing his cold wet nose in her face. It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and warm and I really wanted to go for a walk to enjoy the scenery (and be seen, of course), but Mom wouldn't take us. What a total bummer. I had to be content walking around the back yard sniffing here and there, and barking at the kids riding by on their bikes. But I showed Mom later - I refused to go to bed. I laid on the sofa almost all night. That will show her to ignore us!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Whew, what a weekend!


AUGGIE: Well, we didn't do too much this past weekend... it rained most of the day on Saturday.

RILEY: Whaddya mean we didn't do too much?? I played out in the rain, and then I decorated Mommy's carpet with my muddy footprints. You laid on the sofa all day, watching TV.

AUGGIE: I most certainly did not! I seem to recall playing tug o'war with a sock you stole out of Mom's clean laundry basket. So there!

And Sunday was another lazy day. This time change thing is really hard to get used to. I lost an hour of power napping.

RILEY: And I didn't get to play or snuggle with my Mommy for an hour, either. Say, what is an hour, anyway?

AUGGIE: Never mind, you silly boy. I'll explain later. You didn't see the picture I posted today, did you? The one with you snoring away on the sofa with me? Yeah, so much for your busy busy weekend.

RILEY: Did you see all the new toys I found out in the yard that was underneath all that snow? We're gonna have some fun now! And I can hardly wait to go hiking soon...

AUGGIE: It's really muddy right now at the park, and Mom will lose her hiking boots in the mud that's there. It's like a huge suction cup. So we have to wait to go there. Remember a couple of weeks ago when she was in the backyard and the mud in the yard sucked up her clogs? That was funny! She lost her shoe, and then when she tried to pick it up...

RILEY: AND I TOOK IT! Bwahahahahaha! I'm so funny! She had to chase me around with only one shoe on! In the mud! Hahahaha!

AUGGIE: And how much fun did you have in timeout locked in your kennel for a half hour? Now THAT was funny! *snort snort*

RILEY: OK, OK. Well, we better let Mommy have her 'puter back, otherwise she's put me in the kennel again! *waves* Bye bye!

AUGGIE: More later, everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi Everybody!

I'm Riley, and I love, love, love my Mommy. Love, love, love! I think I'm a collie mix, and I love my Mommy. I'm a little over a year old and I love my Mommy. She's the fourth parent I've had, 'cuz people take me in, and then they move away and leave me. *sigh* But then, I found Mommy and Auggie, and I've been happy, happy, happy! From my bow-legged arms to my bushy tail, I'm one big bundle of LUV!
I like to take walks, lay in puddles, chew on anything touched by Mommy (my favorites are socks, shoes, electronic remotes, books, plastic bowls, balls of yarn, knitting needles, and stuff like that) . I really like to wrassle with Auggie, and play tug of war. And when he doesn't want to play with me, I hip check him and run away. tee hee hee! If he doesn't respond, I do it again. hahahaha! I'm so funny!
Hey, did I say that I love my Mommy? She gives me the best body scratches. She also gets the goobers out of my eyes, which I really don't like for her to do, but I guess I have to, 'cuz I love my Mommy!
Oh, look! A tennis ball!

Allow me to introduce myself

I am Augustus Caninus, but Mommy calls me Auggie Doggie. I'm a pit/shepherd/rottie mix man of the most handsome proportions. Mommy's family found me wandering their neighborhood a number of years ago, and Mommy took me in and has loved me ever since. We (Mommy & I) think I'm about 6 years old. I love to go for walks in our 'hood, and all the people I see on the street are usually taken by my good looks and run off screaming to tell their friends and family. Mommy says that's not true, rather, it's my hulking physique and the bad rap my pit bull and rottie cousins receive that make people run away. My favorite thing to do is to hike in Eagle Creek Park with Mommy. I love the pretties we see (Mommy calls them deer), and on especially windy days, I love trying to bite the waves of water in the Eagle Creek Reservoir.

While Mommy is at work I enjoy napping, barking at the mail delivery person, napping, barking at passing bikes and motorcyles, making fun of Riley locked up in his kennel, barking at various passers by, napping, and conserving my energy to look fabulous when Mommy comes home to my handsome face.

We have a new addition to the family - Riley is his name. Mommy and I have known him since he was a little puppy living with another family. Lemme tell you about this Riley character. I think he's got a couple of screws loose, ya know, his elevator doesn't go up to the top floor. He's nuts! He does some pretty silly things, like, taking Mommy's stuff outside and chewing it all up. Lemme tell ya, he gets in plenty of trouble for that. I, however, maintain my impeccable state of decorum and stay away from those sorts of shenanigans.

He is great to play with tug of war with, however. With my powerful body I can drag him all over the house and dummy just won't let go of the toy we're playing with! Sheesh!

I had better go...Riley's over here, hip checking me, trying to get on the keyboard to post something.


A Message from our sponsor...

Hi Everyone

This is Mom.

I have four furchildren.

Two dogs, two cats.

They want their own blog.

So I gave them one.

Here it is.