Monday, March 15, 2010

Whew, what a weekend!


AUGGIE: Well, we didn't do too much this past weekend... it rained most of the day on Saturday.

RILEY: Whaddya mean we didn't do too much?? I played out in the rain, and then I decorated Mommy's carpet with my muddy footprints. You laid on the sofa all day, watching TV.

AUGGIE: I most certainly did not! I seem to recall playing tug o'war with a sock you stole out of Mom's clean laundry basket. So there!

And Sunday was another lazy day. This time change thing is really hard to get used to. I lost an hour of power napping.

RILEY: And I didn't get to play or snuggle with my Mommy for an hour, either. Say, what is an hour, anyway?

AUGGIE: Never mind, you silly boy. I'll explain later. You didn't see the picture I posted today, did you? The one with you snoring away on the sofa with me? Yeah, so much for your busy busy weekend.

RILEY: Did you see all the new toys I found out in the yard that was underneath all that snow? We're gonna have some fun now! And I can hardly wait to go hiking soon...

AUGGIE: It's really muddy right now at the park, and Mom will lose her hiking boots in the mud that's there. It's like a huge suction cup. So we have to wait to go there. Remember a couple of weeks ago when she was in the backyard and the mud in the yard sucked up her clogs? That was funny! She lost her shoe, and then when she tried to pick it up...

RILEY: AND I TOOK IT! Bwahahahahaha! I'm so funny! She had to chase me around with only one shoe on! In the mud! Hahahaha!

AUGGIE: And how much fun did you have in timeout locked in your kennel for a half hour? Now THAT was funny! *snort snort*

RILEY: OK, OK. Well, we better let Mommy have her 'puter back, otherwise she's put me in the kennel again! *waves* Bye bye!

AUGGIE: More later, everyone!

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  1. Um, Riley, with the 'puter, think about giving mommy her sock back too, that might help you stay out to the kennel. You two are terrible pranksters. I'm going to enjoy hearing about your shenanigans.