Friday, March 12, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself

I am Augustus Caninus, but Mommy calls me Auggie Doggie. I'm a pit/shepherd/rottie mix man of the most handsome proportions. Mommy's family found me wandering their neighborhood a number of years ago, and Mommy took me in and has loved me ever since. We (Mommy & I) think I'm about 6 years old. I love to go for walks in our 'hood, and all the people I see on the street are usually taken by my good looks and run off screaming to tell their friends and family. Mommy says that's not true, rather, it's my hulking physique and the bad rap my pit bull and rottie cousins receive that make people run away. My favorite thing to do is to hike in Eagle Creek Park with Mommy. I love the pretties we see (Mommy calls them deer), and on especially windy days, I love trying to bite the waves of water in the Eagle Creek Reservoir.

While Mommy is at work I enjoy napping, barking at the mail delivery person, napping, barking at passing bikes and motorcyles, making fun of Riley locked up in his kennel, barking at various passers by, napping, and conserving my energy to look fabulous when Mommy comes home to my handsome face.

We have a new addition to the family - Riley is his name. Mommy and I have known him since he was a little puppy living with another family. Lemme tell you about this Riley character. I think he's got a couple of screws loose, ya know, his elevator doesn't go up to the top floor. He's nuts! He does some pretty silly things, like, taking Mommy's stuff outside and chewing it all up. Lemme tell ya, he gets in plenty of trouble for that. I, however, maintain my impeccable state of decorum and stay away from those sorts of shenanigans.

He is great to play with tug of war with, however. With my powerful body I can drag him all over the house and dummy just won't let go of the toy we're playing with! Sheesh!

I had better go...Riley's over here, hip checking me, trying to get on the keyboard to post something.



  1. Augustus! So pleased to meet you! Your mommy rescued you too, huh? And you're so gorgeous people run screaming? I can't wait to see your modeling shots. I love to hike too.

  2. Hi Twinkie - Yep, my Mommy rescued me, and I am really enjoying my luxurious life. I didn't want Mom to know, but I do spend some time during the day while she's away practicing my modeling faces in front of the mirror. Riley thinks it's silly, but he's the one with mud stuck to his tail. I would never be caught with that type of stuff on me...