Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're back!

AUGGIE: Hello Everyone. It's been awhile since Mom let us use the computer. We've been busy, haven't we, Riley?

RILEY: *pant pant pant* Yup!

AUGGIE: We've been walking with Mom out in the 'hood, playing lots, and enjoying the warm sunshine out in the backyard.

RILEY: Yeah! I really like being in the backyard, lying in the sun, with my tummy on the cool mud. Ahhh!

AUGGIE: Uh huh. What you really like is when Mommy sits there and picks the dried mud off your tummy. You're such a goofball! I enjoy sunning myself, as I look a bit better with some color. A healthy glow... Oh, we did have a bit of excitement...

RILEY: What?! What?!

AUGGIE: Don't you remember? Mommy was thinking about taking in another dog, a "Puggle" named Yoda. She wasn't sure if Yoda would be too small to play with us. But then the conversation took a quick turn when someone farted.

RILEY: Yeah! It was the apples! I love apples! I love Mommy! She gives us apples to eat!

AUGGIE: You could have at least taken credit for the odiferousness produced by your body. Sheesh!

RILEY: Okay! I did it! ha ha ha! I think it's funny when we fart after eating apples, 'cuz Mommy calls us "tootie frooties" bwahahahahaha!

AUGGIE: Yeah, it is amusing. But then remember yesterday? When Mommy didn't have kind words for the 'rodent dog' that kept hugging my leg?

RILEY: I did like chasing him around, although he did get stepped on by us a few times...

AUGGIE: That's 'cuz he only came up to my knee! Our cat cousins, you know, the ones whose food you eat all the time? They are bigger than that 'rodent dog'. I did some research on the internet, and they are not, what Mommy says, really called 'rodent dogs'. They're called wire terriers.

RILEY: And that dog was a terror, wasn't he? hahaha! He kept running around, making us chase him. I got so involved that I didn't notice I wrapped my lead around someone's garden stake and sent their bird feeder flying 6 feet through the air. It made a horrible noise when it crashed to the ground. Scared my fur right off!

AUGGIE: Well at least you didn't have this dog trying to hug ya. He latched on to my back leg a few times and wouldn't let go! I thought he was trying to lift my leg up, 'cuz he kept pulling up, pulling up...

RILEY: He is ca-razy!!! Maybe we'll get to see him again today.

AUGGIE: I don't think so. Mom was pretty mad after all that.
Well, I think it's time for another nap. Mom will be home in a couple of hours, I need to be fully rested for her arrival.
RILEY: That's 'cuz you're OLD! bwahahahahaha!
AUGGIE: And you're the one in the kennel...
RILEY: You're not very nice. *pouts* I'm telling Mommy...
AUGGIE: Bye for now!
RILEY: Bye bye!!!


  1. Hey, furiends. Glad to see you're back. I just wanted to say hi really quickly because I have to run to tend to GABE.
    See you later